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SEEKH Organisation

Founder & App Developer


The pandemic was difficult for everyone and it made me realise how privileged I was to attend online classes. However, there were still countless students in India whose education had been disrupted and I wanted to try my best to help them.


I founded SEEKH, a student-led organisation that connects underprivileged students and teachers for free tuition through our Android App. Within just a few months of launch, we have had over 90 students and 50 teachers from 15 regions in India register on the app and there is no stopping us. 

Aasha Foundation

Helping NGO's track student progress


The Aasha Foundation is a non-profit organisation which aims at helping underprivileged children read and write. The organisation however lacked an efficient system of tracking student progress.

I helped out by developing 2 apps, which aided in the process of tracking student progress.

Bethany High School

Creating a Graduation App


Bethany High is among the best ICSE schools in India. The school wanted to gift something special for their graduating batch of 2021.


Being in the school since Nursery, I helped out by creating their very first Graduation App. It has a countdown timer which tells students the time elapsed since they graduated. It also stores the student's details like email id etc so that their friends can contact them later in life.  

Online python classes during the summer of COVID -19

Untitled design (8).png

The ICSE exams had been postponed indefinitely and the lockdown in India was soon to be declared.


During this period, I took python classes for students in my community and donated what I had earned to COVID relief funds. 

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