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99 Gang

Here's an article about my result in The Indian Express -

Hello there! Technically speaking, this post is just about me scoring 99%, but I thought it would be fun to write a little blog about it:)

Semester 1

This was a challenging one because I had my university applications and board exam dates all mixed together. On one hand I had to explain to universities that I like to study about computers etc, and on the other hand I had to get the necessary marks to prove my statement :_) So anyways, although it was challenging, I managed to carve out my path chiselling away one day at a time. And personally, I think I did pretty well. But I'm sure there's something I could have done better - which I will realise after a few years xD.


Between sem 1 and sem 2 was a break (pls don't write obvious facts Manas.) Semester 2 portions flew by and it was time for the mock exam.

Mock Exam

I could not sit the mock exam due to COVID...and yea that's it. I hadn't studied the semester 2 portions and I hadn't even written an exam about it.

Semester 2

It was now time to prepare. My plan was simple. I listened well in class and so my concepts were clear and this aspect was covered. Furthermore, since the board almost always repeats its questions, I only had to do previous year papers to see what was being tested. And so I had to study only that part from the text + 20% extra (just in case). It's a little more complicated that that, but this conveys the basic point.


The results were declared just yesterday and below is my mark sheet yay.

Now I should add that I did study hard and I was expecting a good result. But as is the case with all things in life, the last 3-4 marks in any paper comes down to pure luck - what questions were set, what pattern was followed, did the correcting examiner like your essay, were you in the right state of mind when you wrote the exam and a myriad other things. And hence, although my final % is 99, (eng + best 3), I really can't take much credit for the last few marks. I got 396/400 marks but I'm sure that someone who got 390/400 would have put in just as much effort, if not more.

What I want to remember from this experience of topping my school

Take things as they come. Work hard. Work smart. Do what you must and leave the rest. Luck then has to do its job:)

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