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Building a Game - Cube Attack


The process of building my first app(Matricks) taught me how to code. It was a really fun and interesting process. Having built Matricks, I wanted to go further. I wanted to build a game with a nice graphical interface.


I was always fascinated by how things roll. The idea of a cube rolling seemed interesting so I thought of implementing that into a game. The game would feature a player(a cube) who had to dodge other cubes coming at him. This simplistic idea was the basis of Cube Attack.

Creating the game

Building the game in native android was difficult for a beginner like myself as I would have to develop a new physics engine for the game.

Building the game using Unity, however, made the task much easier. I could add 3d objects directly into the "game scene" and later add functionality(the code) for each of these objects. The code for each object had to be written in C# but I knew only Java back then. However, learning the basic of C# was not too difficult as I already knew the fundamental basics of programming!

Building the game was not a simple process. I ran into so many errors but the unity forum helped me a lot. Furthermore, with the help of some ideas from my friends, I was finally able to "roll" the cubes and build the game. It was a moment of sheer joy when this game was published to the Play Store back in Dec 2017. I was really excited with what I had created and also about the fact that people could actually download this game!

The game

Here is the link to the game:

A short video about the game:

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