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MeMorph: Memory Neumorphism

download the app here


Hello friends! It's been quite some time since I last wrote a blog. Having said that, I will keep this post short.


Oftentimes, the hardest part of a project is thinking about the idea. On March 14th (π-day) Google created a fun little game on their calculator. For those of you who played the game, you would recall that it tested your memory on how many digits of π you could remember. For those of you who didn't check open calculator on March 14th(how??!!), you can follow this link.

Just 2 days back, YouTube recommended me a video that used a simple UI technique - neumorphism. After watching the video, I had an idea of making a game which almost combined aspects of both these non-related ideas.


Using the flutter framework, I created a basic version of the game after which I asked a couple of my classmates to test it. When they said that the colours were a bit messy, I added a light theme as well.

Creating the game took me just under 2 days. In fact, Google Play took a longer time to review my game than I did to make it:)


As I previously mentioned, I will keep this post short so that not only you but even I can save some time(also I'm a bit lazy to get into all the details right now). I believe that neumorphism is a really simple and clean UI technique and going ahead, I plan to use it more in my projects.

As for the game, I don't know how many people will actually download it (if you've read till here, please download it - it takes lesser time) but the entire making process was truly satisfying.

If you have suggestions, or want to get in touch, feel free to connect. I will surely get back.

For now, I really need to start studying. My 12th final exams start in 3 weeks :_)

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