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Online python classes during the summer of COVID -19

The ICSE exams had been postponed indefinitely and the lockdown in India was soon to be declared. I knew I had to do something to engage myself with during this time.(obviously not studying!) My friend and I had thought about an idea which we had planned to do during the summer of 2020, but due to the lockdown, we postponed it for a later date. However something new and exciting came about.

Python Programming Classes - My first experience as a Python Programming Teacher

One of my mom's friend's asked me if I would be willing to take programming classes for her daughter. I said "YES!" in the blink of an eye! I would love to teach any enthusiast my passion, which was programming and computer science. I began teaching her the basics of programming which included the syntax, variables and data types, if statements, for loops and arrays. While teaching her, it began to dawn on me that anyone can teach anything as long as they are passionate about it and if there is a will to learn something, anyone can learn anything! All of us are students and teachers in our own ways!

The classes went on for about 2 weeks after which my mom's friend requested me to take a fee for the classes. In the end I decided to take the fee which I donated to COVID relief funds in Bangalore. I was elated after I had donated all the money. It was a win-win for everyone.

Did the classes end here? No they did not!

Batch 2

I thought that there must be some students in my apartment community as well who would want to learn python during this time and so I sent out an email on the apartment forum. Indeed a few students signed up for the classes. I was glad that there were so many students who wanted to learn something new during these difficult times. From start to end both my students and I truly enjoyed the classes. This also gave me an opportunity to raise more funds for COVID-19 relief.

Now would you not call this a summer well spent!

PS: If you are into programming and stuff, it would be great to connect. As a side note if you want, you could try building the final project of these classes - the game of Mastermind!

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